Unfortunately Marcato Music has been permanently closed.

If you are looking for piano or music theory lessons head to my personal website, www.lilaanneraubenheimer.com!


Robyn Blann — Violin


Robyn is an experienced violinist who has been playing violin since the age of seven, through the SIM (Selangor Institute of Music) program. Currently studying violin performance at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), she is also the current concertmaster of WAYO (Western Australian Youth Orchestra) and has been the concertmaster of WAAPA’s symphony orchestra.

Robyn has been teaching for 4 years now with experience with students ranging from absolute beginners to more advanced players, and enjoys individualising her teaching to each student.

Joanna Parry — Voice


Joanna has been singing for nearly 20 years. Having studied vocal performance at university in the United States she has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has toured with choirs all over the world, including China and Europe, and has been involved with recording several choral albums. She has taught voice lessons for over 5 years and loves to help each student find joy in singing.

Joanna believes that anyone can learn to sing, or improve their singing. She focuses on teaching healthy technique and helps her students to set attainable goals that motivate and excite them to improve.

Kristin Gibbon — Flute


Kristin has been playing flute for 11 years and is currently completing her degree in Specialist Music Studies at UWA. Music is her absolute passion which is clear through her involvement in several ensembles outside of university such as choirs, bands and orchestras, and her position on the Western Australian Charity Orchestra committee.

Kristin loves to teach all ages and variety of skill and recognises that each student learns differently. She believes that teaching is the most rewarding part of music, as you get to see each student progress in their ability and see their passion grow.

Lila Raubenheimer — Piano/Music Theory

Lila Raubenheimer is an accomplished pianist, composer, vocalist and percussionist and finds teaching these skills to others is the most rewarding.

Raised aware of education and thinking out-of-the-box has led Lila to being able to find the optimal methods of teaching to suit each student, making music fun and engaging while making sure all the basics are understood before moving onto more complicated concepts. 

Starting piano lessons at the age of six and composing her first piece at the age of nine led to her being accepted, at only sixteen, as the youngest composer at WAAPA at the time. She has completed her Certificate IV in Classical Music Composition and is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from the University of Western Australia in July 2019.