Unfortunately Marcato Music has been permanently closed.

If you are looking for piano or music theory lessons head to my personal website, www.lilaanneraubenheimer.com!

Marcato Music offers quality one-on-one lessons in piano, voice, violin, flute and music theory at a beautiful music studio in Wembley.

Strong foundations bring musical confidence

Our 12-year-old daughter has been studying piano with Lila for the last three years, having spent a few years before that learning from other teachers, both in Perth and in Singapore. My wife and I are very happy with the progress she has made over this period, both in theory and practice. She has grown greatly in her ability, and also gained immensely in confidence, and both of these, I believe, can be attributed to Lila’s wise guidance. Lila serves as a friend and confidante as well as a teacher. I think it is this holistic engagement with her students that makes her such an effective teacher.
— Gavin, Perth
Our 6-year-old daughter Claire had Lila as her piano teacher for a year. Lila’s way of teaching has not only helped develop Claire’s musical abilities but also sparked passion and enthusiasm to the point our daughter plays the piano without being reminded, often even several times a day. Claire always walks out of a piano lesson with a smile. Lila has been making a positive difference to her life and also that of our whole family!
— Thomas, Wembley
Lila is a talented, patient and fun teacher! I can’t recommend her more highly, especially for ‘mature age’ students like myself.
— Elvira, City Beach
I highly recommend Lila as a piano teacher. My 7-year old loves his lessons with Lila - she knows just how to make music fun while providing a solid grounding in music theory and technique. Her passion for both music and her students is very clear, as is her professionalism. I know she’ll only have the best of the best teachers in her new studio and we’re very excited to be part of it from the beginning.
— Gillian, Wembley


Lila Raubenheimer is an accomplished pianist, composer, vocalist and percussionist and finds teaching these skills to others is the most rewarding.

Raised aware of education and thinking out-of-the-box has led Lila to being able to find the optimal methods of teaching to suit each student, making music fun and engaging while making sure all the basics are understood before moving onto more complicated concepts.